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5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Marketing Tips |

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency


Running a successful business today requires a strong brand that banks on perfectly executed digital marketing campaigns in order to expand its online presence. Consumers are almost always online searching for information on a product until they are ready to make a purchase. This is how strong digital marketing is in influencing a company’s sales.   

A company’s digital strategy is the new life line of its brand and business. Most bigger companies now focus on their core products and outsources marketing to top digital marketing agencies.

If you’re thinking of looking for one, here are 5 tips to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency to execute your ad campaigns.


  1. Decide what you want to accomplish.

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

Before you even head out and shop for the top agencies that your friends or clients recommend, it is highly important to know what goals you want to accomplish. So by the time you meet with a potential agency you want to work with, you’re ready to tell them what you want and know if they can deliver.

During the earlier years of online retail, back when it was a new trend, consumer choice was limited. So it was easier to target shoppers and convince them to buy the products available. Today, consumers take more than 20 days to decide on a purchase and use up to 10 different sources across multiple channels and devices.

Your online marketing strategy relies on the goals you want to accomplish. Is it to increase brand awareness or increase sales? Sit down, reflect about what you want done and write it down before meeting with a potential candidate.


  1. Shopping for Digital Marketing Agencies: what to look for?

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

There are a lot of agencies sprouting up today. Each of them, either big or small, have their own core competencies. Not all agencies can offer you the same results that is why step one in this process is very important.

When you’ve sketched out what kind of results you want, you’ll be able to find an agency that specializes in that strategy. Consumers respond well to brands they like and campaigns executed the right way in the right platform where a brand’s target market is most active make it more successful.

Agencies who have experience and deep understanding of the process make for the best digital partner. Consumers are active online more than ever and brands who know this, invest heavily on their online marketing.

So when searching for the right digital partner, follow these steps:

Explore their website – a website often tells you a story about the how’s and why’s of a business. It will also show you the clients they’ve served and immediately shows you what core services they offer. Do this before calling in a meeting.

Visit their workspace – clients usually ask the digital marketer to come in to his office. But the bigger brands do it the other way around. If you’re looking for a long term partner, you’d like to know how they do things. Visiting their workspace will give you an idea about their company culture and a hindsight into their work process.

Look at their reviews – Twitter offers a completely un-filtered feedback on an agency. Facebook gives the user the ability to delete comments but Twitter stores tweets from other people that talk about an individual or company. You will be able to spot red flags from this perspective and find out how they handle upset clients. But also approach with a balanced perspective and enough research as some agencies bash out competition online as well.

Ask from reputable references – ask what challenges were encountered with that agency so you know what you can expect. Marketing won’t grant you perfect 10 results. Like in all things, trial and error still allows you to discover what works best and what does not. It would be best to prepare for a big challenge than expect only best results.

  1. Prepare questions for your meeting

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, set a meeting. Ask probing questions that would give you an idea about the kind of company you’re talking to. Don’t be afraid to challenge and have frank conversations with them.

Conduct the meeting as if you’re conducting an interview as the criteria for selecting a digital partner is the same as in looking to hire a staff member. They should have the same values and skills your company possesses. If you value creativity over strict deadlines or the other way around, it will affect the relationship in the long run.

Tell them what you want accomplished and how much you’re willing to spend and ask them if it’s possible. This will afford you a sneak peek into their response which may possibly get you an initial pitch. You’ll find out how experienced they are in a certain area and how creative they are as a marketing agency.


  1. Have an open and frank discussion about the limitations of their agency.

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

Again, agencies like people have their own strengths and weaknesses. The rapid growth of online investments have increased the demand for digital marketers that digital marketing roles have rapidly evolved to be multi-disciplined and complex.

It would be best for you to learn about their weakness to know if they outsource it or take it on themselves. This will prepare you for any challenges that might happen in the future or allow you to understand the process they follow or find someone else to do that specific task and focus on pursuing campaigns of the agency’s expertise.


  1. Negotiate a fair contract

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

After laying out your cards, discuss target deadlines and KPIs to measure the success of the campaign. Focus on value rather than costs but make sure that it is something you’d be willing to go for. If you think that what the agency is asking for is worth the value they bring, go for it. If not, try to negotiate on terms that both parties agree on. Remember, it will be a long term commitment, so make sure it will be something that would make you happy and help your business flourish.


7 Neat Marketing Tips For Your Marketing Company

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Marketing, Marketing Company, Marketing Tips |

If you are the head of a very big and successful marketing company, you definitely know more than enough about marketing. However, the majority of company owners have to wing it when it comes to running their company and working with people. Not only that, it can definitely be draining and stressful for the majority of your employees.

So here are seven very useful and very simple tips that will make your marketing company a success that will establish you as the greatest boss of any marketing company ever!

  1. Hire Exciting People

If you want your marketing company to be successful, you should make sure that you hire exciting people. They will encourage others to work on their skills to achieve success. Therefore, the more exciting people you have in your company, the stronger your team will become encouraging each other to become more successful at what they do!

  1. Encourage Creativity

Another thing you should definitely do is to try and encourage creativity. Creativity is the lifeline of any marketing firm. People who work in marketing companies need to be great at coming up with new ideas but sometimes they may run into a wall. You as a leader need to inspire your people to get those creative juices flowing! So it is your job to think of new ways to keep them happy and engaged. Change the office mood, come up with weekly activities and offer perks and incentives to challenge their creativity.

  1. Work on the Team Spirit!

Your team has to learn how to work together even without you. This ensures that your company is able to run while you find new business. Create a system that will help employees recognize their function and instill a purpose in them. Encourage and build a strong team to make work more productive, making your company a one huge, well-oiled machine!

  1. Use Every Opportunity!

If you want your marketing company to be a success, do not be afraid to use marketing strategies inspired from the most unusual ideas! Be as bold as you want your work to be recognized, be creative and start a revolution! Find every opportunity you can get to employ your strategies and use it to your company’s advantage. If a marketing strategy doesn’t work, don’t feel bad, move on to the next one. It is good to at least try something new every once in a while.

  1. Learn More

The more you learn about key strategies in marketing, the easier it will be to duplicate it for multiple campaigns. It will also help you recognize key skills in people more quickly to choose the right people for the job. Believe me, it can make all the difference between success and failure, especially if you want to run a successful marketing company.

  1. Share Knowledge

You, as well as your colleagues, should be able to share your knowledge and learn from each other. After all, not everyone knows everything. You can always learn something new everyday from others. Encourage new learning and share new ideas to keep everyone well informed and up to date on new trends. This is what being in a team is all about!

  1. Do The Progress Check

You should make sure that you record the progress of your company regularly. An analysis of your company’s work will make it so much easier for you to see where you have made mistakes and avoid similar situations in the future. It will also help you recognize points of success and know which practices to avoid and do more.